NextGen is an innovative information technology and professional services provider specializing in advanced software solutions as well as comprehensive mission and business support services. Our approach is to design, develop, implement, and manage information technology (IT) solutions that measurably improve our customer’s organizational performance.


Implement tailored agile development processes to plan, execute, mobilize, deploy, employ, and sustain activities associated with Joint Operations, ensuring rapid development of incremental capabilities and minimize project risks through constant interaction with stakeholders.

Assess cybersecurity related vulnerabilities/threats using RMF (per DoDI 8500.01); performs cybersecurity vulnerability management cycles (e.g., ACAS scanning, STIG analysis, vulnerability analysis and remediation/mitigation of findings) and updated VM images.

Apply guidance and best practices from DoD Directive 5400.11-DoD Privacy Program and DoD Instruction 5015.02-DoD Records Management Program.

Provide a proven framework fostering agility, security, and responsiveness that enables close team collaboration and transparency providing faster delivery, reduced costs, increased development/test/deployment efficiency.

Improve current system functionality, or transition legacy systems, to increase business value to users; migrate functionality to a cloud environment in a timely manner with minimal challenges.

Balance the multitude of conflicting goals, dependencies, resources, and procedures to ensure all projects and programs maintain technical integrity and streamline results; utilize the latest in technology trends, such as containerization, CI/CD pipelines, PaaS, IaaS, IaC.

Leverage an amalgam of CMMI, ANSI, IEEE, PMBOK, and ISO best practices, processes, and techniques to develop CONOPS and meet customer goals and objectives.

Perform developmental, first-article, operational, functional, and site acceptance tests to meet presribed objectives, expectations, and end states.

Design and manage complex systems while properly considering elements of reliability, logistics, testing, and continuous monitoring.

Integrate processes and automation across multiple intelligence and DoD programs using DevSecOps environments for faster and better-defined engineering work products by bringing stakeholders together for information collaborating and sharing.

Perform full lifecycle testing for Joint DoD systems from development through deployment and sustainment; provide a managed test environment to ensure capabilities are fully security compliant, installed, and configured accurately and tested correctly.


Integrated Ground Security Surveillance Response – Capability (IGSSR-C): Provide intuitive interface that simplifies the process of sensor planning and analysis to optimize sensor placement and to re-plan based on weather, detections and sensor changes.

NGA Moving Target Indicator: Prime contractor developing a new MTI data catalog software system (back-end and front-end) for NGA that replaces the legacy systems scheduled for retirement.

  • Weather
  • UAS
  • Sensor
  • AI/ML
  • Space Weather
  • Soil Moisture Analysis

Global Awareness Decision Support: Prime contractor providing weather visualization, caching, and analysis integrating Weather Software Toolkit for Operational Risk Management. Supports daily TACC – 618th AOC operations and GO desktops.

Support training at the Center for National Response Memorial Tunnel Training Complex and distance learning at other sites. Provide new hardware and software systems to provide immersive virtual reality and augmented reality scenarios using 3D modeling, complex virtual environments, and VR headsets.

Build digital engineering environments encompassing authoritative data in computer-readable models to support systems engineering of technical systems, including Space Assets, Ground Combat Vehicles, Naval Vessels, UAS, Aircraft, and Intelligence systems. Our team leverages COTS, GOTS, and custom code to accelerate the transition to Digital Engineering for customer success.