StratusML provides a one-stop shop for teams to develop new ML models, using an efficient pipeline approach to create custom models based on available data sources.

StratusML enables users to execute the entire ML pipeline, from curating and pre-processing data to training and evaluating a model, all in a code-less environment.

Rapid ML Prototyping

Reduce the cost and time associated with rapid ML prototyping

Code-less Environment

Easy to navigate UI to train models without writing a single line of code

Repository of state-of-the-art ML Artifacts

Data pre-processors, state-of-the-art models, and evaluators available for use spanning various problem types

Reproducible Results

Metadata of the ML artifacts are tracked through their entire lifecycle to ensure reproducibility

Hardened Codebase

CI/CD pipeline ensure continuous cybersecurity scanning and compliance with NIST RMF

Start Prototyping New ML Models in Minutes