NextGen Earns 2018 Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon

NextGen Federal Systems was recently awarded the 2018 Raytheon Supplier Excellence Program EPIC Award for its outstanding performance, contribution and support to Raytheon programs. Only the highest performing Suppliers are awarded this honor. "As we continue to evolve and advance relationships with our suppliers, it is critical that we recognize those partners whose commitment and customer focus is lock step with our own," said David Wilkins, Vice President of Contracts and Supply Chain for Raytheon. "The Supplier Excellence Program Awards acknowledge the suppliers who share our vision of customer success through trusted, innovative solutions." Recipients are recognized in two categories for their achievements: Premier and EPIC. Premier Awards recognize a supplier's support and commitment to affordability, technical, business management and/or partnership. EPIC Awards recognize a supplier's overall Excellence in Performance, Innovation & Collaboration for one or more Raytheon business. The Supplier Excellence Program supports Raytheon's strategic sourcing which enables: • Enhanced engagement and communication • Quantitative and qualitative measurement of supplier performance • Recognition and rewards for top performers who contribute to both Customer and Raytheon success “Raytheon has been a great partner since very early stages of NextGen’s startup,” said NextGen’s Senior Vice President, Chetan Desai. “At this stage we are working with two Raytheon Business Units.” NextGen has been supporting Raytheon for the past five years as a key contributor to its Electronic Warfare Planning Management Tool (EWPMT) program supporting the Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. “Raytheon is an elite Engineering firm and being associated with and recognized by Raytheon bodes well for our growing company”, said NextGen CEO, Jay Reddy.


About NextGen NextGen is an innovative information technology and professional services provider specializing in advanced software solutions as well as comprehensive mission and business support services. Our approach is to design, develop, implement, and manage information technology (IT) solutions that measurably improve our customer’s organizational performance. NextGen utilizes a mixed model consisting of mission services and solution development in support of C4ISR critical systems. Our core areas of expertise include C4ISR Software Development, Modern IT Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, and Cyber Security & Data Management. NextGen adheres to industry standard practices and processes including CMMI, ISO, and PMBOK. NextGen places emphasis on recruiting top talent through our proven employee ownership method. We aggressively manage internal costs to ensure competitive salaries for top talent while ensuring cost-effective delivery to our customers For more information on NextGen, contact Arica Rohn at 937-314-4179.